Murdoch faces more phone-hacking interrogation

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Murdoch faces more phone-hacking interrogation Empty Murdoch faces more phone-hacking interrogation

Post  sumtwo on Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:53 pm

News International executive James Murdoch will be back for a second round with a British parliamentary committee Thursday morning, defending his company's phone hacking, and this time may accept even more responsibility.

Murdoch, 38, the son of News Corp. founder Rupert Murdoch and the cheap jerseys from china boss of his media empire, has some explaining to do.

While Murdoch testified July 19 before parliament's culture committee that he had only recently learned of the phone-hacking practice at the News of the World, two of his colleagues have offered contradictory testimony, including evidence that he received at least two emails in 2008 that referred to phone-hacking incidents.

There are also other allegations that have emerged since he last appeared cheap nhl jerseys — among them that News Corp. put under surveillance two lawyers who were suing the News of the World for hacking, looking for personal dirt to use against them.

A private investigator also revealed he had been hired by News Corp. to spy on Prince William and other celebrities.

"What I expect to happen is that James will acknowledge that mistakes have been made, probably even apologize to the committee," said Paul Connew, a media commentator and former tabloid editor.

Murdoch might acknowledge that "perhaps he wasn't as proactive miami heat jerseys as he should've been," although he warned that there was a limit to how far any mea culpa could go.

Special 'hub' phone
"What I think he won't do — can't afford to do — is accept that he deliberately misled parliament," Connew said.

Murdoch is scheduled to appear before parliament's culture committee at 11 a.m. London time (6 a.m. ET).

In late October, the Independent newspaper in London jerseysusa reported that, far from being a secret at News of the World, a special cellphone known as "the hub" and devoted to phone-hacking was kept at the paper's news desk.

"Despite detailed company logs recording every call made on the kegogo hub phone, it was left unexamined by two internal News International inquiries, which dismissed the notion that phone hacking was rife at the title," the Independent said.
Specialist detectives from London's Metropolitan Police found that the hub phone was registered to News International and used illegally to access 1,150 numbers between 2004 and 2006, the paper said.


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