Harbaugh admits 49ers focused on high-octane Saints

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Harbaugh admits 49ers focused on high-octane Saints Empty Harbaugh admits 49ers focused on high-octane Saints

Post  anylove on Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:39 am

With three simple words, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh generated motivational material for no less than three NFC playoff teams.

It's uncertain whom the 49ers will host in a divisional game Jan. 14. So when Harbaugh was asked how he plans to prepare for the Falcons, Cheap NFL JersesysGiants and Saints simultaneously, one might expect a safe answer, dripping in coach-speak, describing how all three pose problems and challenges, and on and on.

Harbaugh's a different cat. He just told it like it is.

"More the Saints," he told KGMZ-FM this week. "The greater share would be preparing for the Saints."

Asked if that decision was a matter of cheapjerseys.comsimply playing the percentages, Harbaugh continued his blunt riff.

"Yeah. Yeah, it is," he said.

A beautiful silence ensued, interrupted only by the workmanlike sounds of Giants and Falcons employees clearing away the cork space on their respective locker-room bulletin boards.

Harbaugh doesn't appear to think highly of the Lions' chances against Drew Brees and The Big Easy machine, either. To be fair (and bad cheap jerseys blood with the Lions aside), the earliest San Francisco can face Detroit is in the NFC Championship Game.
If he has ruffled feathers, if he's a target from here on out, Harbaugh invites it, be sure of that. This is the war he wanted from the start.


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